Sanit Bahri – Medical Tourism India

Sanit Bahri is an expert in the field of Healthcare Tourism, and a consultant for international patients who look for treatment options in India. As a Medical Tourism professional, Sanit brings in-depth knowledge about the services and branches of medicine provided by doctors, corporate hospitals and specialized centers in India. Having more than 5 years of experience in the medical tourism industry, Sanit has a vast amount of knowledge and resources about the best medical infrastructure. He has helped over 1000 international patients from various backgrounds with their treatment in India.

Sanit has worked and collaborated with some of the biggest contributors in the global health travel industry. He was able to mark the company’s presence in countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey and more. With a strong focus on the African market, Sanit has received appreciation from the federal court of Nigeria for arranging the health check-up for the whole roaster, including the Honorable Chief Justice Mr. Olawole and the Chief Registrar Mr. N.A Emmanuel. Being an expert author for Ezine Articles, Sanit has published more than 75 articles about the expanding global health travel industry.

Currently, as a director of Medsurge Healthcare Consultants, Sanit is working with the franchise offices in Uzbekistan and Vladivostok, Russia. He is also in close talks with the government of Zambia for marketing India as a healthcare destination in their country.


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